all these mornings

i hesitated for a long time. didn't really want to upload them, but what can i say?  i finally gave in. first batch of iphone photos. 


while i'm longing to go away for longer, i must do with shorter trips. they help me satiate the urge of the unknown at least temporarily. that is -till my feet start to itch again.  


return to brighton and return to photos from brighton. 
this time i haven't even taken a single shot of the sea.
here: British summer at its best.  


no excuses no more

rambling eastern poland after over a year an half. i had had this weird idea in my head that i remembered a lot about it, but when i got back i quickly realized how foolish that was. and that physical detachment from it made all details just a blur. it's rather usual, but it struck me with  unsurpassed intensity when i got there.   

in the picture: Tatar / most atmospheric cemetery
in my ears: silencio