this is a mini-project dedicated to lea divine. lea was a warsaw-based drag queen, whose performances i never got a chance to see. these are the remnants of her onstage persona juxtaposed with screenshots of her performance at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nov, 2009.

thnx to Kasia Majak who organised lea-a wake and giveaway as a part of this year's inicjatywa pomada.


'rough cut' came out a couple of months ago. It's ace to be a part of this project. The book was curated by Rafał Milach and designed by Ania Nałęcka. The book itself is a piece of art and it's definitely worth laying your hands on. It was first shown at PhotoMonth in Kraków in May, 2011. This Thursday, there's another promotional meeting with the authors so come round if you're in the vicinity. If not, take a look at the photocast below (by Michał Łuczak).

Księgarnia Bookarest
30. czerwca, godz. 18:30
Stary Browar
Atrium, Poziom 0







i don't recall when exactly that happened but i started making friends with strangers in the streets again. it might have been sometime in winter. it must have been when i was back on the road.i never fully grasp why they decide to do so, but they tell always me stories. some are endearing, some are heartbreaking, some amusing. the latter isn't too common, tho. i hardly ever ask about their names but it doesn't seem to be of great importance.


there's been changes in the past months.
there's been decision making and decision avoiding.
time seems to have sped up even more

that's how they rolled there and then


magda + a last year's summer memories
spring has fully kicked in. rather excited


you hear a tale over and over again but when it's your turn to say it, the plot evades you and you make it up from scratch. luckily.