magda + a last year's summer memories
spring has fully kicked in. rather excited


you hear a tale over and over again but when it's your turn to say it, the plot evades you and you make it up from scratch. luckily.


retiring from summer
in search of empty spaces. as seen in the uk's holiday resorts from autumn on. autumn 2010

so it turns out putting a project aside for half a year does work well for me... a pretty good thing to discover, especially with at least another three waiting in a line. plus i wanna go back there again, which i haven't felt in quite a while.
and just for the record, the snaps in triptychs haven't been taken by me. the boys in the photos have done so, however.


---i do not remember speaking, there's no memory of it but there is language, as if a chamber in time in which thoughts predate language---


where did i dwell? what lands have i visited to have reached now?


been really into shooting shrubs recently. it might mean i'm evolving into a flower kindda photographer. if so, it should be rather amusing